Sunday, 20 November 2016

One week to go!

One week is very close… But I’m still finding it hard to imagine that I will actually be going to Antarctica!

One of the first things we do down there is Field Training, so I found this clip from Jason O’Hara (recent Antarctic explorer!) very reassuring. Jason has just been down to Scott Base, and he posted this clip called Happy homemaking on the ice. (Those 7 layers of sleeping bags do look toasty warm.) 

Jason also has some other great posts from his trip on his blog, including a Weddell seal filmed underwater, and a rendition of Purea Nei by Warren Maxwell for International Singing Day.

Now I’m off to do some packing. Or maybe to think about what to pack. (At least I know I won't need to take any sleeping bags.) 

Field Training kitchen. Photo by Dick Frizzell
©Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection [2004-2005] CC licence

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  1. I'm so excited about your trip to Antarctica. Can't wait to hear your stories. Keep an eye out for woolly mammoth tusks. :)