Monday, 6 March 2017

Back in the world

A week might not seem like a long time, but my time in Antarctica was one of the most intense weeks I’ve ever experienced.  A phrase that stuck in my mind was a scientist talking about something happening “back in the world”, and it did feel as if we had been to a different world. Going into town the day after getting home, I felt overwhelmed by so many people and wondered how the base workers readjust after not just a week, but six months or a year on the ice.

I also found my head full of ideas, thoughts and images. I think going down to the ice is an experience that sinks deep inside you and may influence you in different ways for years to come.  

So I'm still thinking a lot about Antarctica. It is in my head and probably in my heart forever. I'm still keen to answer any questions you or your students have about it, and still thinking what else I might write about it.