Your Questions

What would you like to know about Antarctica? Ask me and I'll try and find out. 

Here are some questions I've already been asked - click on the link to get to the answers. 

The climate
Why is it always so cold? Does it ever get warm? How cold is it actually? 
How windy can it get? 
Does it rain?
If you have a cold and a runny nose does your snot freeze over? 

What are the hours of sunset and sunrise in summer and winter? 
Are seasons the same as here? 
What is summer like?
How long can you stay outside before you freeze?

Where do the aurora lights come from?

Is the snow everywhere? 
How does the ice taste? 
How old is the ice? 
I want to know how thick different pieces of ice are and how much weight they can hold. 
If you squirted water out of a bottle, would it freeze? 
Why does the sun not melt the snow/ice?

How tall are penguins, what are they like, do they bite, can you pat them? 
Can you feed any sea animals?
How much does an orca eat usually? Do killer whales swim under the ice?
What kind of species are there that live under water?
What is the most common animal?

What’s the population? Do people live there permanently?
How many layers of clothes do you have to wear?
Could you snow board there?
Is it hard to live there because of the cold?
Do people live in igloos? 
Do you eat disgusting food? 
Why do people want to live down there?
Do they have shops?
Do you get wi fi there?

More about food!
How much and what sort of fresh food do they have there? 
What do they use for fuel for cooking? 
How does the chef plan for purchasing? 
How often and from where do they get supplies?

Keeping safe
What happens if a big snow storm comes, where would you go? 
How do you know where the ground is that will not collapse through?
If you are walking on ice and there is a crevasse underneath and you fall, will you fall in water or more ice?
What do you do with dangerous animals?

Does Antarctica have earthquakes?

Climate change
What is the rate at which Antarctica is melting? 
How much is global warming actually affecting it?

Who's in charge?
Is Antarctica a country?

The South Pole
Is it true there is more than one South Pole?
How do you know when you've got to the South Pole?

Random weird questions
Is there a secret place there where people might be living, and how long might they have been there?
Is there anyone buried there under the ice and snow?

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