Why are you going to Antarctica?
I applied for a place on a programme run by Antarctica NZ that takes artists, writers and media people (like reporters and TV crews) down there, so they can tell people back in NZ all about what it's like.

When are you going?
My trip is set down for December 3rd - 8th 2016, but this might still change. You have to be flexible when travelling to and from Antarctica because flights can get delayed or  plans might change at short notice.

How will you get there?
By plane from Christchurch to McMurdo Sound.

Where are you staying?
At Scott Base, the NZ base (which is about to turn 60 years old!) But I've heard we might spend a night out the ice on field training as well...  

What are you hoping to do down there?
My main aim is to get Kiwi kids interested in Antarctica, because it's such an amazing place!

How can we get involved?
Lots of ways - I would love you to join in my Antarctic adventure!

  • Follow this blog
  • Contact me to ask for my Antarctic schools pack so you can spend a day Thinking About Antarctica  
  • Ask me some more questions to add to the Your Questions page
  • Write a Winter Letter to the Scott Base team who will be wintering over next season - more details soon. 

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